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December 26, 2009

Holiday Farewell

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It is over. The shopping, the wrapping, the baking, the singing, the movies, the parties, and all the other preparations and celebrations are finished. The meals have been enjoyed and the leftovers stashed. The question, “Can we open presents now?” no longer rings through the house every five minutes. The gifts have been opened and the games have been played. Regular programming is back on the radio. The excitement that had been building for months blew out yesterday in the same noisy, random way as a balloon that has been filled with air and then released without being tied, and we are left limp and exhausted.

I know that I am more than ready to get back into a regular routine. My body is feeling the effects of too much sugar and not enough exercise. I have already found my thoughts turning to gardening and spring cleaning. My mind has been busy reviewing last year’s goals and mapping out new ones. I am anxious to get a jump start on 2010 and it would be easy to dismiss the Christmas season as quickly as the wrapping paper in the trash bin.

Yet, there is something heartwarming about the Christmas season and I do not want to be too quick in bidding it farewell. We had fun surprising our children; their faces and exclamations are etched in my memory. We enjoyed sharing greetings with loved ones near and far. The decadent foods were comforting reminders of past pleasantries. The lights and decorations were beautiful symbols of the light and life that Jesus brought. Best of all, the extravagant love that the Father showed in sending His Son continues to fill me with wonderment. (I could ponder over that for years.)

The holidays were filled with excitement this year, and like visits from beloved grandparents, we were glad when they arrived and we will be glad when they leave. So now, it is my sincere hope that we will keep the lessons, treasure the memories, and practice the kindness and gratitude even as we tuck away the tinsel and sentiments until next time. May you and your family be blessed in 2010.


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