Rebecca's Ponderings

January 15, 2010

Scattered Snapshots

The craziness is underway again. After a wonderfully fun visit with family over New Year’s weekend, we returned home, ready to get back into a routine. Ten days later, I am still not quite in sync.

I suppose there are homeschooling families whose lives run like clockwork. Their children are on a well-established schedule of spelling at 9, math at 9:20 and history at 10. The classroom is quiet, with each child focusing on the task at hand. Their nine year old writes novels and gives master performances on the violin while their five year old does pre-algebra and builds miniature replicas of the Parthenon. They never get distracted by what the other children are doing. The house is immaculate and everyone always has a smile. They must exist – somewhere.

Life in our home is a wee bit messier. Here, the nine-year-old gets distracted watching the five-year-old practice phonics. The phone rings and, while Mom talks with the lady next door, the children scramble to build forts in the living room. Books are piled randomly on the shelf with several more scattered about the house. The baseboards are in desperate need of a good cleaning, and the bathroom would be an excellent science experiment if only we took the time to document it.

In reading through the Bible (yes, I’m still on track with the 90 day challenge! Wow!), I often get frustrated with the way the writers skip over decades and even centuries in the lives of some individuals. I wonder about their daily lives. Did they get frustrated? Did they have days when they felt like they had accomplished absolutely nothing? Did they wonder how God could ever use THIS? Were their lives messy, too?

As I look deeper, I start to find the brief snapshots into people’s lives reassuring. These are not family portraits with matching outfits, idyllic backgrounds, and selective airbrushing. We get to see these people candidly, with all their imperfections. And yes, their lives were messy! Their socks had holes. They had dirt under their nails. They had moments of doubt. Still, God worked in and through their messiness to fulfill his great plan.

I am thankful that these ancient heroes had crazy, messy lives. It is comforting to know that God can and does use me even with my imperfections. It even makes me thankful for the craziness in my own life; sometimes that is more valuable because it makes me dependent on Him. When I take the time to look back, I can see His hand at work, shaping me in ways I could not understand, bringing about His will in me – and elsewhere.


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