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October 4, 2010


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My Current Mental State

Fall is a season of transition; it is especially so for our family this year. First, the Holy Spirit prompted us to step back from several ministries at our church, and we are unsure where He is leading. Then, my husband’s business picked up, and he is now able to consider hiring employees. The kids developed some new food sensitivities, so I am exploring further dietary changes. To top it off, the walls of our house were in serious disrepair, so I must choose colors and prepare our rooms for painting.

I realize that each of these transitions will bring beautiful results, yet the process is very stressful for me. This picture of our living room is an accurate metaphor for my entire life right now. It is chaotic. I cannot find my kitchen counters. All of our books, including our homeschool curriculum, are stacked haphazardly on the floor. The light switches are exposed. The computer, DVD player, TV, and other equipment are disconnected and strewn about the house. We are cleaning dust from the walls behind the bookcase and refrigerator. I am nervous about whether the colors we chose will actually look good. Like the trees, we are casting off belongings which were once essential, yet are now burdensome.

So, I pray for wisdom and discernment for this season of change. I slowly gain hope as I start to see our home become less cluttered and more colorful, bit-by-bit, room-by-room. I get excited when I introduce one new, healthful dish – and the kids actually like it! I enjoy the snippets of extra time with my husband as he brings in temporary help, praying that God will continue to provide new contracts to keep them busy into the new year. And, I find rest in the Lord as he fills the deep, spiritual needs that I had not even recognized. Fall is truly beautiful.


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