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October 7, 2010

Searching for His Image

Filed under: Parenting — Rebecca @ 9:07 pm

I love the way Bud thinks. He is completely random, very literal, and hilariously entertaining. He makes connections that most people would never imagine. Like his momma, he is a ponderer.

This evening, we were snuggled together on the couch watching a show about inventors as I prodded him to finish some chamomile tea before heading to bed. He was unusually quiet, since he had been suffering from an earache. Suddenly, he said to me, “God made everyone in His image. That means we all kind of look like Him.”

I was taken aback by the truth of this statement. How often do we overlook individuals whom we regard as unimportant, ugly, or inferior. Yet, each person was made in the image of God. What a tremendous concept my six-year-old had just verbalized. I asked which part he thought most resembled God. He replied that he thought it was our heads, but that it was too hard to explain. Wow!

We had been studying creation in our schoolwork. However, we did not discuss this concept. Did he hear it somewhere else? Did he make this connection on his own? I began to wonder more about what exactly goes through his mind on a given day. What other treasures has he picked up?

I may never know these things. What i do know is that the Lord’s grace is incredible, making up for and far surpassing my pitiful parenting skills. These children he has blessed us with constantly amaze and challenge me. I resolved to consciously seek the image of God in each person I encounter. I also prayed for wisdom to train Bud in righteousness while wondering what plans the Lord has for my little man of great faith.

A few moments later, Bud interrupted my silent contemplation with the question, “Star Wars wasn’t real, was it?”

Oh, how I love his randomness!


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