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October 12, 2010

Sketch Tuesday

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Sketch Tuesday Project

A Glass of Milk and a Pumpkin


We recently discovered Sketch Tuesday at Harmony Art Mom. Each week, students are given a topic for sketching. They work on the project and then email it by Monday. Then, Barb (homeschooling mother, blogger extraordinaire, fine art teacher, and more) uploads the submissions to the blog in a slide show. I love that this is a very simple, informal exercise and a great weekly reminder to include more art in our curriculum. It is also a fun way for the kids to share their work while appreciating the creativity of other families.

Since my daughter is an artist at heart, this was right up her alley.  I noticed that just browsing through the entries actually helped her to observe more carefully and sketch more accurately. The topic this week was “Something You Drink.” She chose to draw a glass of milk with the jug. There happened to be a pumpkin on our kitchen table which made it into her drawing, too.

If you would like a full explanation of the Sketch Tuesday Program, click here. To see all the entries for this week (including Peanut’s) click here. Next week’s theme is something you find in an art museum. Hmmm…. Maybe I will sketch a little something, too.


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