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November 29, 2010

Our Food Journey – Part 2: Offense

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Heal your gut. That is what Dr. Campbell-McBride says is possible in her book, Gut And Psychology Syndrome. It is quite a promise. Yet her clinical data and countless anecdotal reports seem to indicate that people have been able to accomplish just that. As one who believed I must live the rest of my life vigilant against the tiniest speck of gluten entering my system, this provides more than a glimmer of hope. It also makes sense based on my understanding of nutrition.

GAPS is primarily a mental shift for me. For the past two years, we have been living life with a defensive strategy. Avoiding gluten has helped tremendously and eliminated many symptoms, but it did not heal our guts. Gradually, we have been discovering more and more foods that are causing problems. We continue to eliminate offending foods. This eliminates symptoms while slowly boxing us into a corner. I am no expert in sports, however even I know that you cannot win with a defense-only mindset. It is time to make the shift to an offensive strategy: we need to completely replenish the flora of our intestines and heal the lining.

Here is the basic game plan. We become much more vigilant in avoiding sugar, limiting ourselves to small amounts of local, raw honey. We also eliminate all grains, potatoes, and starches. These are foods which feed the harmful bacteria in our guts. At the same time, we add plenty of meat broths which heal the intestinal lining. We consume plenty of traditionally fermented foods which provide healthy bacteria to populate our systems. We supplement this with quality probiotics and cod liver oil.

I am still undecided about milk. The GAPS protocol eliminates it completely, then reintroduces ghee, fermented dairy products, and, eventually, aged cheeses. I can see some of Dr. Campbell-McBride’s reasonings. However, I also realize that pasteurization destroys the enzymes our bodies need to digest milk. Raw milk could help replace some of the beneficial bacteria. Granted, it does feed some of the harmful bacteria in the meantime. So, at this point, Peanut is not consuming any dairy. Bud and I still enjoy it in smaller quantities.

Obviously, I am not completely sold on Dr. Campbell-McBride’s program. She interprets her findings through an evolutionary lens. As one who is convinced that our bodies are the result of intricate and intelligent design, rather than random accidents, I wrestle with her logic. However, I have come the realization that her evolutionary conclusions and interpretations do not discount the clinical and anecdotal data that shows that some of her methods have worked. So, I must read and seek the Lord for discernment and wisdom.

This is a gradual process for us. With co-op parties, Thanksgiving, and other food-related activities taking place this month, we decided to move slowly. This gives me a chance to research some new recipes, learn some new cooking techniques, and stock up on essentials. Even by just eliminating most grains and sugar while adding probiotics, broths, and ferments, I have noticed that some of our allergies have already disappeared. Peanut can eat lettuce again! Let us hope this is just the first step and that the healing continues!

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Evidence for Creation: Creation Ministries International or Answers in Genesis.


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